The making of a mugglet / by John-Michael Forman

September 2, 2013

Now that September is here, it’s time to start preparing for Autumn/Winter sales! It might feel a bit unseasonable to start thinking about Christmas so early, but alas, I must make timely preparations. 

I posted this “how-to” on facebook last Fall, but I thought that I would share it again, this time in the blogosphere. 

The making of a mugglet-

Step #1

Knead a 2-3lb ball of clay.


Step #2

Throw ‘er down on the wheel head.image

Step #3

Bring into center.image

Step #4

Make the top of the centered clay into a cone shape.image

Step #5

Open a small hole in the top of the cone and widen about an inch.imageimage

Step #6

Start 1-1.5” down and start raising the clay and thinning the walls.image

Step #7

Once the walls of the mugglet are an even thickness, shape a nice little lip on the rim.image

Step #8

Trim the base of the mugglet with a bamboo tool to give it a nice tapered foot.image

Step #9

Cut it off the hump and set aside.image

Step #10

Cone up again and make another!image

Step #11

Make tiny clay snakes (just like the Play-doh ones that you used to eat).image

Step #12

Cut off a small length of the clay snake and attach (via slipping and scoring) to the mugglet once it is leather hard (usually dried over night).imageimage

Step #13

Add a tiny dot to the top of the handle for a “thumb rest.”image

Voila! image

After some glaze and a couple thousand degrees, you have yourself a finished product ready to go on the Christmas tree.image