Mugglets Among Us by John-Michael Forman

You may have found one of these recently in downtown Chattanooga. Congratulations, its yours to keep! Hang it on your Christmas tree, use it as an excruciatingly heavy earring, have a very small cup of coffee, hang it on your rearview mirror, give it to a friend, give it to your pet hamster, sing to it, name it, but most importantly, buy some pottery from me this Christmas season. You won’t regret it.



The making of a mugglet by John-Michael Forman

September 2, 2013

Now that September is here, it’s time to start preparing for Autumn/Winter sales! It might feel a bit unseasonable to start thinking about Christmas so early, but alas, I must make timely preparations. 

I posted this “how-to” on facebook last Fall, but I thought that I would share it again, this time in the blogosphere. 

The making of a mugglet-

Step #1

Knead a 2-3lb ball of clay.


Step #2

Throw ‘er down on the wheel head.image

Step #3

Bring into center.image

Step #4

Make the top of the centered clay into a cone shape.image

Step #5

Open a small hole in the top of the cone and widen about an inch.imageimage

Step #6

Start 1-1.5” down and start raising the clay and thinning the walls.image

Step #7

Once the walls of the mugglet are an even thickness, shape a nice little lip on the rim.image

Step #8

Trim the base of the mugglet with a bamboo tool to give it a nice tapered foot.image

Step #9

Cut it off the hump and set aside.image

Step #10

Cone up again and make another!image

Step #11

Make tiny clay snakes (just like the Play-doh ones that you used to eat).image

Step #12

Cut off a small length of the clay snake and attach (via slipping and scoring) to the mugglet once it is leather hard (usually dried over night).imageimage

Step #13

Add a tiny dot to the top of the handle for a “thumb rest.”image

Voila! image

After some glaze and a couple thousand degrees, you have yourself a finished product ready to go on the Christmas tree.image