The Story


Forman Pottery was founded in 2010 as the the passion-project-turned-business of Florida native, John-Michael Forman. From the early days of sneaking in through an art studio window to the present, with thousands of pieces produced per year, the focus has always been to provide customers with something soulful to hold: each piece made with heart, care, and the dignity of each person in mind.

In 2015, John-Michael taught a ceramics class at his alma mater, Covenant College, where he met Peter Reichmann, an all-star student and aspiring ceramist. A year later they joined forces and have worked together to increase the quantity and quality of Forman Pottery's work, allowing him to expand the "logo mug" portion of the business.

John-Michael and his wife, Hannah live in historic St. Elmo with their twins boys, Peter and Eli. In the summer of 2019, the studio is moving to their 1930's bungalow where there will be ample room for production and anyone who wants to drop by the studio for a visit.

All Forman Pottery pieces are made from North Carolina brownstone clay and are finished with glazes made in-studio.